What company makes the best washer / dryer combo?

asks James A : What company makes the best washer / dryer combo
? While someone to carry the stores Thanks Best answer:

Well, I’m not a real expert, but I swear by Sears Kenmore. Maytag and LG are also valued. If you go the money to front load Modellen.Sears Kenmores, Home Depot or Lowes for the LG and Maytag.

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5ladderjob question : What is the summary of Consumer Reports on load washer and dryer
What does the most reliable Marken.Was was the 2nd, 4 3,? And 5 What were the best buys Best answer:

Old School Kenmore
was best for the two washers and dryers bewertet.Top or wheel loader? I like that. before me. Lg front load washer is # 1 # 2 # 3 # 4 Lg top load Whirlpool Maytag Miele is # 1 # 2 # 3 Whirlpool Whirlpool Fisher & Paykel dryer # 4 — #! Kenmore Lg # 2 # 3 # 4 gedas GE Consumer Reports was in February 2008. Unfortunately, I had the top Kenmore. Best buy for a Frigidaire front loader was. Top loading was GE GE dryer was.

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This is an electrical work, first the house is 60 years old, all red brick exterior, and it seems that the exterior walls are solid all the way, are like 12 to 14 inches thick, are the main attraction The this wall by the back door about 5 feet above the ground. directly under a faucet. want an exit directly under the panel, using the line from the side of the panels in the roof line, and 15 feet along the roof line of the elbow is in the garage where nailed a distribution box and noched partialy in the corner of the celing and the wall stud. 7 wires out of this transition and the tab for 7 more receptacles and switches. he wants 3 circles brought the garage, a workbench, a washer and dryer (gas) and an air conditioning unit for 30amp, walls like a frikkin bunker. I have much experience with electricity, but not with all those existing brick and wireing poor, not to mention the code and the price of a job like this. . Oh, also wants to cut a door Best Answer:
Robert response

figure, how long have to leave the cost of materials / permits and the cost of an inspector. Make sure it is at least $ 45 per hour charge. This should tell you what the person is given as an estimate.

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3 Responses to “What company makes the best washer / dryer combo?”

  1. cam57 says:

    Don’t buy a combo. I did and regretted it. The dryer part broke therefore I was out both a washer and dryer until they were fixed.

  2. talon699 says:

    Junction boxes are supposed to have only 4 wires total. Does he even have a breaker on the circuit to the garage? Is there a main cutoff to the garage. Will the current panel allow for more circuits? Sounds like you should say you are going to your car to make some notes and get the heck out. If he has any problems you will be responsible. Charge LARGE if you are willing to assume responsibility

  3. jsparky_13 says:

    Sooo, first off, the size of the junction box determines how many wires you can have in it. There really aren’t many boxes that you can only fit four wires into. For the actual number of current carrying conductors permitted to be in the box, you need to check out the National Electrical Code Book, article 314.16…….there should be a table that lists all of the boxes and how many conductors you can fit legally in each of them. Honestly you need to tell him, this is about how long it’s going to take me but with all the concrete and the hammer driling and everything else, it may be slightly more. Never screw yourself on a job because it is you that is experienced and people pay for it. This is why we pay people to cut out hair and clean our teeth, because they know their stuff. I’m an electrical contractor and most of my work is time and material jobs. I charge 62.50 for my licensed guy and if he has an apprentice I charge 36 for him. If you aren’t licensed, even if you don’t have to be where you are….who cares, charge the going rate. I’m not sure where you are but 45-65 per hour is about right. Include the cost of everything, materials, gas, permits (if indeed you are pulling one which is unlikely) add about 14% on top of all that, add it to your labor cost, and you’ll be sitting good. I know that the electrical union and licensing plays a huge part on the pricing for service so I don’t know where you live and what your rules on licensing are. First and foremost, like I said before, if you know what you’re doing and you can make it look professional and your work is safe, charge him what the going rate is, maybe a little less, he obviously isn’t gonna do it himself so don’t screw yourself on something that takes brains and some talent ot do. Hope I helped, the main thing is to just make it worth your time, time is precious.