I need a new washer and dryer?

Question by Punky: I need a new washer and dryer?
So do I get a front load or top load? There are so many reviews it’s hard to tell which is better. What is a good brand to get and maybe even the style number.

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Answer by Anna E
When I replace mine I will get a front loader mainly because I have come across a lot of things lately that do not recommend being washed by agitation. As for brands, I swear by Whirlpool. I have a Whirlpool washer and dryer since 1999, and there are 4 of us in the home, so I wash and dry at least a load every other day and have had NO problems with either appliance, no service calls, no broken down appliances, no broken belts. They are great machines.

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  1. cookingkay1955 says:

    Get HE front loaders, you can get a lot in them, they save a ton of water ( our water company said you would save at least 2000 gallons of water a year) the clothes come out dryer so least drying time. true you need to use HE detergent but you a very tiny amount. I have Maytag, but there are all prices, you need to go online and look at Sears, Lowes, Best Buy etc and compare prices and what features you want.
    People complain about smells but you have to do it throw a tablet in the clean cycle once a month and wipe the seal and door after using. I had never had a washer and dryer before and my water bill was like 5.00 higher !!!

  2. Crystal says:

    Hi.I recommend the GE VLSR1090GWW Hotpoint Super Capacity Washer and Dryer set.
    We have it in the basement of my apartment building, and let me tell you, even though this is an older model washing machine, it’s simply great. This washer is a real powerhouse: I can wash my queen-size sheets and comforter in the same load, or a week’s worth of laundry at a time. For a busy professional, this is a great feature. This machine gets a lot of use: there are four apartments in our building, with 7 residents, so it runs almost constantly, but never gives us any grief. I do as many as five loads in one day, and it’s never given me a single problem.BTW,I bought the Washer and Dryer Set for $ 538 at:http://www.dealstudio.com/searchdeals.php?type=id&q=d144261&ru=2780042.
    Good luck!

  3. M M T says:

    Truthfully, I’d get a front loading machine. They are so much more energy efficient and easier on the clothing. And you can wash a larger load. Less loads = more savings. They spin out so much better that there is a lot less moisture left in the laundry and that equals much less time the dryer is running.

    The trick to preventing the dreaded stinky front loader problem is to (1) leave the door ajar when it’s not in use. (2) Keep the front gasket clean; a quick wipe down with a little hot water and white vinegar is usually enough and (3) one load a month, run old towels, dog bedding, shop rags, something you don’t care if it gets a little bleached with dishwasher detergent and hot water. The dishwasher detergent removes all the laundry product build up inside the machine that adds to the stinky problem and keeps your filters clean. Use the powder only.

    Before you buy, make sure there is a local repair man for that brand. In our rural area, there are some brands there is not an “authorized” repair facility for brands like LG or Samsung. If you need warranty work, you will have an issue getting anyone to come fix it because the company won’t pay the repair man the extra time and mileage for a long drive.

    I have a GE stainless steel drum dryer that I am VERY happy with. It’s a lot better dryer than the Maytag it replaced. Make sure the dryer can easily dry as large a load as the washer can wash too.

    Yeah, I could save a few bucks by buying at a big box store like Best Buy, Lowe’s or Home Depot but if I need service, it won’t be them coming to fix it. I go see our local appliance dealer who has always treated me really well. I know if he sells it, he will fix it. He often waives delivery fees because I’m 3 blocks from his store or deeply discounts a service call if the appliance in question is not worth repairing and I buy a new one from him. And many times over the years, I’ll call him, tell him the issue and he tells me how to fix it. In 27 years, I’ve paid for 3 service calls. And he does things like rearrange his repairman’s schedule or the delivery guys schedule to get me taken care of as soon as possible when something is broken down.

    HE products are a little more expensive but check the number of loads the bottle, box says it will do. Don’t use more product than required. It’s hard because we’re used to dumping a bunch in our old washers. Measure carefully.